Where Can I Buy Hyperbolic Stretching

What is it?

Hyperbolic stretching is a 4-week online program created by Alex Larsson. It claims to help you improve your flexibility, while also strengthening your muscles. It includes a series of online, self-paced videos that you follow for the course of 30 days. Each day you’ll do an 8-minute stretching routine.

You can purchase this program at the official website for a discounted price of $27, and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You’ll get lifetime access to the content.

Wanna know what’s inside? The hyperbolic stretching includes the following video contents:

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4 Weeks to Side Splits video series
4 Weeks to Front Splits video series
Dynamic Flexibility and Stretching
Complete Upper Body Stretching
Pike Mastery
Easy Bridge
FYI: If you’re buying the program, you’ll have to choose between the “women” and “men” versions. Why? This distinction is based on the assumption that there’s a difference in stretching responses between the sexes. There’s some old evidence to back up this up, but there are plenty of other stretching routines that are more inclusive.

What’s included in Hyperbolic Stretching

I purchased the bare-bones Hyperbolic program, which is a series of self-paced videos that promise to deliver added flexibility and mobility in around 8-10 minutes per day, four times per week.

The course costs $27 (there are a couple of upsells in the checkout process, including a sleep product and an Advanced Stretching Accelerator) and you get lifetime access to the content.

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Hyperbolic Stretching

An overview of each of the modules in Hyperbolic Stretching.
Here’s what you can expect to see inside the course:

✔️ The programming is relatively straightforward and includes weekly “workouts” and things to focus on.

✔️ Instructions for each stretch and exercise are fully detailed.

✔️ Video demonstrations and cues for each exercise and stretch.

✔️ Programs for the four big stretches, including front split, side split, pike mastery, and my favorite, the upper body stretching routine.

How does hyperbolic stretching work?

Broadly, the program claims to provide improved flexibility, muscular relief, core strength, and pelvic floor and hip power. The website doesn’t claim much more but several other reviews with nearly identical information attribute some interesting effects to the program.

Reviewers indicate the program can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and agility, enhance confidence and self-esteem, and boost energy. Specifically, the program can assist with incontinence, spinal cord issues, and joint pain.

Some boast that users will not only be able to do a full split (without a warm-up!) but also improve performance in the bedroom. The program also claims to stimulate nitric oxide production and the release of human growth hormone.

Not surprisingly, these reviews provide affiliate links to the program. This one seems to be run by Larsson but identifies him as a flexibility and penis enlargement expert and, as such, the target market seems to be no longer the general fitness enthusiast.

The primary targets of the program are the pelvic floor muscles. The “survival reflux” is the theorized reason why many are unable to achieve maximal flexibility. The program purports to turn off this “tension reflux” which allows new limits for flexibility and mobility.

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Those with a background in anatomy or physiology who are thinking, “That’s strange, I’ve never heard of the ‘survival reflux’ or ‘tension reflux,’ I think you can safely replace those words with thoughts of reciprocal inhibition to be in the same ballpark.

The five-phase program includes a warm-up series, split test, exercises for week one to four, and flexibility maintenance routine. Larsson offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the digital program. Buyers are granted instant access to online videos.

The videos are only available to stream. There’s no avenue for downloading or saving the program to your computer so it can only be performed when an internet connection is available. A one-time fee of $27 gets you lifetime access.

Most users seem to have improved flexibility even if they can’t do a full split. One user, Dr. Daniel Lopez of Lakewood, Colo., notes a decrease in his long-standing low back pain but this didn’t come easily. He said that the program was both difficult and uncomfortable.

Lopez thinks those with lower-body tightness may do better with the program than the average healthy person.

“I do think the general public would do well with the product, but I do feel that there is a more specific population that would benefit the most,” he said.

He specifically refers to people who have chronic tight muscles in their legs and hips, like those who feel ‘unusually uncomfortable’ when they attempt to bend forward to touch their toes.

I could find one review that didn’t have affiliate links. Chris Worfolk, a triathlete and a psychologist from Leeds, U.K., takes a scientific approach to documenting his progress before and after.

Worfolk’s video shows him on Day 1, unable to achieve a full split and then again four weeks later. He marked his distance using furniture in his home so it’s not exact but he seems to have made minimal gains in flexibility.

He continued the program for an additional four weeks and found that though he made some gains, he was still nowhere near a full split. Worfolk makes an excellent point in his video: you should expect to see results from any stretching program after eight weeks if you participate as directed.

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What does Hyperbolic Stretching include?

Hyperbolic Stretching includes versatile stretching exercises that improve your flexibility. The Hyperbolic Stretching program includes the video series given below –

Side Split video series: This video series is designed for beginners and also for individuals looking for an advanced training program. It helps you to open your hips and power up pelvic strength to achieve ultimate potential.
Front Splits Video series: These videos help you to increase muscle strength. It makes your hamstrings and hips fully elastic. It is equally important for advanced practitioners and beginners.
Dynamic Flexibility for high kicks: This stretching video is highly effective to achieve full support and internal strength. With this video series, you can gain full lower body elasticity to perform 180-degree split kicks.
Upper Body Stretching: Hyperbolic Stretching includes an upper body stretching guide that is suitable for weight lifters, advanced as well as beginners. It improves the flexibility of the hips, upper back muscles, biceps, and shoulders.
Pike Mastery and front bending: Pike Mastery and front bending is a powerful and complex stretching technique that improves the flexibility of hamstrings, lower back muscles, and glutes.
Easy bridge and back bending: This particular video series is effective for all body types. It is an advanced video series that focuses on the flexibility of the shoulders and abdominal muscles. With this, you can achieve full-body flexibility.

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Core Features:

Now it’s time to highlight some core features of this Hyperbolic Stretching program. These features make this program different and unique from other programs available online.


Workouts are a major part of this program. Alex has provided stretching exercises to train all body parts and divided them into six different routines, so users don’t mix them. Alex also regularly updates his program and adds new stretching videos to help people from all walks of life.

PNF Stretching:

Before getting into more details, it is important to mention what PNF stretching is all about and how it helps. In a few simple words, PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and this type of stretching is an easy and effective way to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Hyperbolic Stretching uses various PNF stretching strategies to increase the stretching limit of the muscle safely. It triggers muscle survival reflux – a process that calms muscles to prevent injury.

PNF stretching sends the message to the brain, “I don’t want the muscle to tear,” and sends the signal to allow the muscle a little more stretch than normal.

According to a study by Queensland University, PNF stretching is the most effective type of stretching to increase the range of motion.


Alex has created an introductory video to explain these routines and exercises in complete detail. If you are using the program for the first time, it is important to watch the video till the end as Alex explains all six workout routines and which body areas they target. So, it will become easier for you to select workout programs as per your schedule and requirement.

Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level of these workout routines is from beginner to immediate. As mentioned in this Hyperbolic Stretching review, this program uses the PNF stretching exercises which are easy to perform. They signal the brain to allow a little bit of extra stretch to the muscle.


According to the official website, Hyperbolic Stretching doesn’t need expensive equipment. For most exercises, a yoga mat is enough to avoid injury. Some immediate level exercises required a chair for balance and support. In short, you only need a bit of space and a chair to complete these exercises.

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Conclusion: Is Hyperbolic Stretching right for you?

Are hyperbolic stretching works right for you?

This question raises everyone’s mind who wants to improve flexibility and body alertness, enhance confidence and self-esteem, and boost their energy level.

Further, the hyperbolic stretching review shows that the program reinforces the strengthening of men and women at every age level through body movements.

By summing up all the above information, the hyperbolic stretching program helps you to improve your muscle strength by dedicating just 8-minutes of your day for just 4 weeks to perform suitable workouts.

As hyperbolic stretching results indicate that the 30-day Alex’s program has practical exercises to help folks relax and stretch their muscles for a better healthy body.

The hyperbolic stretching customer reviews claim that this program helps you gain full body flexibility 300% to 500% faster than any other stretching protocol. It also helps to maintain flexibility for the rest of your life.

Hence, hyperbolic stretching is safe to improve your muscle elasticity and hip flexors that support to control of even the hardest of movements.

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